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We offer two options for whitening at our office: Custom Trays and Pre-filled Home Care Kits. The Custom Trays involve two quick appointments in our office where we will fabricate the custom trays which can be reused for future whitening. The Pre-filled Home Kit includes 7 days of treatment and can be picked up at any time. Proper home care and avoiding items that may stain your teeth can help you maintain a bright, white smile.

Custom Trays

The Custom Trays are our most commonly used whitening treatement. This in-home treatment involves two visits to our office. First, we take impressions for the fabrication of the trays and then you return for a second appointment to pick up your trays and bleach syringes. Because they trays are custom fitted to your teeth, the bleach application is consistent and provides optimal results. 

Pre-filled Home Kit

Our Venus Ultra 7-Day Home Kit comes complete with 7 pre-filled trays for easy application. More affordable than other whitening kits, these flexible trays easily fit to your mouth and provide great results for a brighter, whiter smile.

This to avoid to prevent stain:

  • Tobacco products
  • Coffee and tea
  • Red wine
  • Food coloring

  • Any bright-colored drinks