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To prevent further decay or to correct chips and cosmetic damage, our doctors may suggest fillings. This is an easy way to preserve the integrity of the tooth and maintain optimal health. With a local anesthetic, our doctors are able to complete these procedures quickly and comfortably for the patient. Our office provides these services in two different materials: amalgam and composite resin.


Most commonly used for fillings on back molars, amalgam fillings are a very durable material. They are also a cost-effective option that can last up to ten years. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, but are a safe and secure option for restorations.

Composite Resin

Typically used for anterior fillings, composite resin fillings are white in color and the shade can be customized to match the tooth. They are typically more expensive, but bond directly to the tooth so they preserve more of the natural tooth during restoration. They are also frequently used for chipped and cracked teeth because of their aesthetic value.