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Dentures are a removable device which can help to restore your natural smile. This can help patients return to their normal life free from embarrassment and continue a healthy diet. Our doctors will suggest dentures as an option when many neighboring teeth are missing. We will recommend either a partial or full denture depending on the amount of teeth missing and the health of existing teeth. Our doctors will listen to your concerns and recommend your best option.

Partial Dentures

An ideal candidate for a partial dentures is missing only a few adjacent teeth. Partials are held in place by securing onto existing teeth and aligning with the gum. Because we are able to customize the shape and shade of the teeth, we can match your existing teeth and keep your smile looking natural.

Full Dentures

If you no longer have any teeth, a proper fitting full denture is recommended. Comprised of replacement teeth fitted to an acrylic base, traditional dentures will secure on to the gum line. You can also opt for a implant denture, which is the most secure option, however it does require surgery to have the implants places. Our dentists are more than happy to discuss all treatment options with you to ensure you are able to make an informed decision.